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The Ecology of Joy

This is a world in which the child is the Divine and love is magical.

The child identifies with love and happiness, which become his or her magic power.

Love becomes an inner force, which the child uses to interact with the world.


Intuitive intelligence

A philosophy and programme to develop intuitive intelligence.

Intuition is the use of high levels of consciousness.

Consciousness is happiness, love, beauty, life, and truth, all in one.

Neo Humanist education

Neo Humanist Education (NHE) is the application of Neo Humanism in the field of education. Neo Humanism is a philosophy propounded by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. When all the beautiful things have been said about humanism are applied, not only to humans but to the entire creation and its creator, then we have Neo Humanism.  The values that dignify human beings are extented to animals, plants, and the entire universe. Moreover, Neo Humanism is and ever-increasing circle of love in action.